Shauna Marie’s inherent need for expression emerged by way of the custom home building company she operated with her husband Ron for 26 years. Designing and decorating homes became her creative outlet while raising three daughters.

After Shauna’s divorce and their children grown, the evolution of and new and exciting outlets of expression emerged:  Travel, Interaction and Writing

In 2011 Shauna explored Europe for ten months. This pivotal experience opened new doors of creativity by way of the written word and communicating with people from diverse cultures and backgrounds.

A native Canadian, Shauna currently resides in Calgary, Canada near her eldest daughter, cherished grandchildren and friends. Yearly trips to visit her other daughters and grandchildren in St.Louis USA and Barcelona, Spain enables Shauna to connect with family and indulge her passion for travel.

Shauna’s writing and coaching pursuits evolved naturally by way of sharing her unique take on living in her beloved Italy. Walking 800 km through France and Spain along the Camino de Santiago Trial. Step by step, the trail gave her the opportunity to ask what others felt about life all the while listening and being guided by her own inner wisdom. 

Get Your Life Back After Cancer, stems from the loss of Shaunas ex-husband, Ron from cancer. During the final days of his life, he shared a profound realization that for him “Cancer Gave More Than It Took”.

After his death and the inspiration of his words, Shauna began researching scientifically proven and effective wholistic processes to alleviate the fear associated with cancer, Shauna Marie coaches her clients on ways to bridge the gab between fear and happiness.